Strange Nation

Strange Nation #1

Strange Nation, written by Paul Allor and drawn by Juan Romera, is a Monkeybrain digital comic with more potential than I yet see on the page.

The premise has been done before — all those legends turn out to be true, from secret Bigfoot armies to Elvis still being alive. The part of the series I most appreciated was the lead, investigative reporter Norma Park. She was a serious journalist until she saw aliens and monsters and tried to report her observations.

As the series begins, she’s working undercover as a janitor at a mysterious laboratory to get a story for the Strange Nation tabloid, the only place that would hire her. Of course, as further issues arrive, we learn that she’s only found the tip of the iceberg.

Strange Nation #1

The art does a good job fitting all these elements together in a slightly blocky style, but the writing sometimes neglects the basics (like reminding us of the character’s names).

I’d like this series more if there was more humor, more with Norma, and more about the tabloid. Instead, the creators focus more attention on the plots and conspiracies, which I found familiar territory. Four issues have been released so far, bringing us to the series’ halfway point.

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