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Under the auspices of the Society of Illustrators, the MoCCA Arts Fest continues to become an ever-better show. Here are some quick thoughts on my time there this year.

Gary Tyrrell and Brigid Alverson at MoCCA Fest 2014

Gary Tyrrell and Brigid Alverson

Brigid Alverson and I roomed together, which was a great way to decompress from the show, sharing notes about discoveries and some great cheese plates. Here she is with Gary Tyrrell, whom we bumped into at show open and then I never saw again. Bummer! He’s always got great insight into comics, particularly digitally.

Carol Burrell shows off Climate Changed at the Abrams booth at MoCCA Fest 2014

Carol Burrell shows off Climate Changed at the Abrams booth

I was thrilled to get an advance copy of Climate Changed, an upcoming graphic novel from Abrams edited by Carol Burrell. It looks gorgeous, and the topic is particularly timely.

Shannon Watters debuted Lumberjanes at MoCCA Fest 2014

Shannon Watters debuted Lumberjanes

Another early release was the much-anticipated Lumberjanes, which looks terrific. I also picked up a copy of Katie Skelly’s Operation Margarine from AdHouse Books. The show had great timing for getting the jump on anticipated works.

Mike Dawson at MoCCA Fest 2014

Mike Dawson at MoCCA Fest 2014

Mike Dawson had the first copies of his new graphic novel, Angie Bongiolatti from Secret Acres.

Alisa Harris and Alison Wilgus at MoCCA Fest 2014

Alisa Harris and Alison Wilgus

It’s always a pleasure to see Alisa Harris, who put together a short collection of a few of her Cooking Up Comics recipes, and Alison Wilgus, who both had snazzy banners and eye-catching outfits.

The Charlie Brown balloon at MoCCA Fest 2014

The Charlie Brown balloon was quite impressive

Brigid Alverson and Johanna Draper Carlson at MoCCA Fest 2014

Brigid and I were even happier after the show

I came home with a ton of great reads and lovely memories of conversations and meals. A very rewarding show. I think a lot of people agreed, since there was still a line to get in at 3 PM on Saturday.


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