How I Made the World

How I Made the World

Previews orders for this month are due tomorrow, so I wanted to call your attention to a title you might otherwise overlook. I don’t read many indy periodicals any more, but this one was really good, a satisfying single issue with a ton of options for where the series might go next.

How I Made the World is written by Liz Plourde and drawn by Randy Michaels. It was one of the final Xeric Grant recipients. It’s the semi-autobiographical story about a college art student who finds out more about herself through working on a sculpture project.

Although many have done similar stories, about young artists experiencing self-discovery, this telling is fresh and insightful, and the linework is wonderful, dynamic and streamlined. The characters seem real and well-developed, and did I mention it’s really well-drawn? There’s humor and friendship and artistic instruction and learning how to break the rules and just a hint of supernatural aid. The places are solid and realistic, and the art studios, next to a smokestack, weirdly look remarkably like my high school overflow building.

How I Made the World

There’s also a backup story, “Catman”, about a girl, her teasing uncle, and the tale he tells about her pet cat. While the first story feels like Strangers in Paradise or Love and Rockets, this one has the feel of an Archie comedy or an older Sugar and Spike.

The first issue of How I Made the World is a 32-page black-and-white comic priced at $2.95. You can find preview pages at the title link above, and you can order it from your local comic shop with Diamond code APR14 1257. It’s due out in June, with a second issue planned for 2015.

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