Happy 10th Anniversary, 24 Hour Comics Day!

24 Hour Comics Day

According to this detailed interview with Nat Gertler, founder of 24 Hour Comics Day, today is the 10th anniversary of the event (now held in October).

I liked several observations in this piece by Tim O’Shea. First is capturing how much of a “let’s put on a show in the barn!” attitude there still is in comics, and how it often works to make things happen. Also, there’s a neat synchronicity in how working to solve problems — Nat was only one guy — created positive results — more of a community approach. I hadn’t realized until now that 24-hour comics used to be kind of depressing, when they were one person working alone, and how turning it into a shared event gave the creators, and thus the material, more support and hope. That’s a fascinating example of how methods of creation affect content, sometimes unexpectedly.

I still have the 24-Hour Comics Highlights books around here somewhere, and now I want to read them again. I’m sure there are some hidden gems in there.

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