Midnight Secretary Volume 5

Midnight Secretary volume 5

In volume 5, Kaya is now working full-time for her vampire boss, but she’s jealous of an old friend spending more time with him, since the friend is also a vampire, and she’s an attractive one. Things get more complicated when the boss’ human brother and vampire mother come for a visit.

More background on Kyohei, the boss, fleshes out his character and makes the emotional revelations of this installment more powerful. It’s gripping supernatural soap opera with a sensual overlay from Tomu Ohmi. The revelations aren’t surprising — readers have been waiting for certain checkpoints to be reached — but emotionally satisfying.

Note: Midnight Secretary is aimed at older readers, given some of the explicit content, so I wish they’d take older eyes into account. The “story so far” page is printed in black-outlined white type on a grey-with-white background, making it very difficult to read.

Midnight Secretary volume 5

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