Flash Trailer Emphasizes Arrow Connections, Character Differences

Flash trailer image

The first look trailer for the upcoming Flash TV series, starring Grant Gustin, does a great job of hitting three key points: That the show is a spin-off of the popular Arrow, with a prominent role in the ad for star Stephen Amell; that the Flash has superspeed, and it doesn’t look too cheesy on film; and that the characters have a welcome difference in temperament. See for yourself:

Flash trailer image

The five-minute extended trailer gives the Flash more backstory (and a tragic past with a murdered mom, sigh, superhero stories). I hadn’t realized that Jesse L. Martin and Tom Cavanagh are in the show, neat! The first villain looks to be the Weather Wizard, and there’s lots of getting a supporting team, figuring out the powers, and saving the world… or at least the city.


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