Papercutz Launches First Original Graphic Novel, Announces Second WWE Series

The Lunch Witch

Papercutz, an all-ages graphic novel line, has announced their first original graphic novel. The Lunch Witch is due out March 17, 2015. Previous Papercutz publications have been licensed properties (Lego Ninjago) or translated comics (such as Dance Class and Geronimo Stilton), much like their sister company NBM handles, or reprints (Classics Illustrated).

Says publisher Terry Nantier, “We’ve published original graphic novels for adults for almost 40 years at NBM. And ever since we started Papercutz, I’ve wanted to create quality original material for kids. When Deb Lucke sent us her proposal for THE LUNCH WITCH, I knew we’d found the perfect property to launch into all-new, creator-originated graphic novels for young readers.”

The Lunch Witch

Lucke is a children’s book author, and her art style here is described as “inspired by the likes of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey”. The title character is a witch, Grunhilda, who’s out of work because “nobody believes in magic anymore”. Obviously, school lunch lady is close enough to cauldron stirring for her to transition. She meets a little girl, Madison, and becomes conflicted over whether to do something nice for someone or stay true to the Witches’ Code.

In other Papercutz news, they’ve announced a print edition of the online wrestling animated series WWE Slam City. The graphic novel will be written by Mathias Triton and penciled by Alitha E. Martinez, and it

recounts the humorous adventures of popular WWE Superstars like John Cena, Kane, and Rey Mysterio after they’ve been fired from their regular jobs by a mysterious character known as “The Finisher”. Forced to find employment in the real world, the Superstars end up performing jobs like auto mechanic, crossing guard, and lunch lady. The series depicts the hilarious consequences as these sports entertainers put their skills to work in everyday situations. Since its debut, SLAM CITY has proven wildly popular, amassing over 3 million views online and spawning a successful toy line from Mattel.

WWE Superstars #9

WWE Slam City: Finished is due out August 26. Meanwhile, the other wrestling comic series, WWE Superstars, is doing a storyline perfect for comics. The four-issue “Legends” story arc will pit current-day wrestlers against past stars. You can’t do that in the real world, with many older performers retired, but comics is a great way to show some team-up battles.

“We all love to fantasize about who would win dream matches, like say between Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin. Or Roddy Piper versus the Rock,” hinted [writer Shane] Riches. “With ‘Legends’ we can see all these exciting dream battles. We’re trying to fit as many Superstars as possible, from the Wyatt Family to George ‘The Animal’ Steele. Whether you’re a comic book fan, a WWE fan, or both, the story will appeal to anyone who loves a big, crazy crossover where anything can happen!”

Other featured players include “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton, The Rock, John Cena, The Road Warriors, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. The comic is drawn by Paris Cullins, and the story starts in WWE Superstars #9, available October 1.

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