Lumberjanes #5

Lumberjanes #5 cover

written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis; illustrated by Brooke Allen

There’s some weirdness going on here, since this issue was delayed twice in print, but the digital copy went out to subscribers on time. Anyway, I’m surprised I’m still having things to say about this fantasy girl camper series, but it’s because of the creativity that goes into every issue. And a new crazy imagination monster in each outing. Here, it’s dinosaurs.

Lumberjanes #5 cover

The girls’ friendship is so realistic and admirable. That’s a help, since there’s a mystical glowing disc artifact that’s causing nightmares and summoning monsters to the camp. There’s hilarious overacting and a surprise revelation about Molly and a were-bear-woman and dinosaur wrangling. Jen steps up to protect her campers, with some amusing exclamations. Plus, this issue teaches you to make friendship bracelets. How can you not love this series?

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