Madame Frankenstein #5

Madame Frankenstein #5

We’re more than halfway through the seven-issue Madame Frankenstein series, and so the characters are beginning to show more depth in their twists.

Henry, who at first struck the reader as a jealous, spoiled, frat-boy type, is investigating what really happened to ex-girlfriend Courtney, whom he killed in a car accident. His apparent desire to atone makes him more sympathetic (although I suppose it’s possible that it’s just from selfish reasons, such as to once again punish Vincent). Vincent, meanwhile, is consorting with a stripper (or what passed for one in the 1930s — we’d call it burlesque). All the players come together at an alumni social, where Vincent wants to show off Gail, his reanimated creation.

Madame Frankenstein #5

As the story has progressed, Vincent’s egotism and general nastiness, the darker sides of his personality, have been revealed. At the party, Gail is doing her best, being out among people for only the second time since her revival, but her innocent attempts at small talk set Vincent off. Everything must be about him, of course, and his jealousy shows the small-mindedness under his accomplishment.

The craft is outstanding, with Jamie S. Rich’s dialogue revealing so much in just a few sentences, and Megan Levens’ art delineating the cast wonderfully. The slender Gail is perfectly suited for the fashions of the period, nicely done details, and she contrasts in more than one way with the plumper, earthier showgirl Linda.

I’m disappointed that there are only two issues left, since I fear we won’t have enough space to fully explore the ramifications of these characters and their interactions. Vincent has already moved from sympathetic to monstrous, and I’m eager for his comeuppance, but there’s so much more that could be done. Particularly, I’d like to know more of what Gail is thinking and feeling, following her mental growth into her own being. Madame Frankenstein #5 will be out on Wednesday.

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