Copperhead #1

Copperhead #1

As writer Jay Faerber starts off his editorial note, “I’m not the first person to think of this.” Many people have done space westerns, from Star Trek to Firefly and beyond. But what attracted me to this series was its sense of character and its unusual choice for the protagonist. Most Western leads are vigilantes, not the official voice of the law.

Clara Bronson has come to the mining town of Copperhead as its new sheriff with her son Zeke. There, she meets a resentful deputy, who was passed over for the job, he believes because of his species.

Copperhead #1

The dialog is wonderful, creating a strong sense of location on the post-war frontier, in spite of the mag-lev trains and spaceport and what looks like a land speeder and the domestic call for a squabbling family of frog-like aliens. Artist Scott Godlewski’s visuals are impressive and establish a solid world.

Bronson’s no angel, seen by her dislike of artificial humans. I get the feeling there’s lots of backstory to explore, whether hers or the town’s or the culture. This extended first issue (28 pages) not only gives her something juicy to explore — a family murder — but her son gets his own adventure as well, with a hunt for a lost dog that takes him out too late. The emphasis here is on the Western side of the equation, exploring the frontier and what happens when people move away from civilization, not the space trappings, which I like. A good start to what looks to be an intriguing series. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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