Legal Drug Omnibus Out; Sequel Drug & Drop Available to Pre-Order

Legal Drug Omnibus cover

Out today in comic book stores is the Legal Drug Omnibus, a manga license rescue collection. CLAMP’s Legal Drug originally was published in three volumes in English by Tokyopop. (You can get the three books cheaply used, possibly because the story wasn’t concluded… but see below.)

Legal Drug Omnibus cover

Dark Horse has now reprinted the series in one big volume, complete with color pages. It’s a hard-to-describe tale, about two boys who are drawn to each other while working at a drugstore. One is saved from death lying in the snow by the embrace of the other, then they yell at each other while sharing an apartment above the store.

Drug & Drop volume 1 cover

The rescued one can see visions of the memories of others, while the rescuer can break things with his mind. Together, they investigate ghost stories, such as a living book that captures people or invisible fireflies. The short version is, it’s very CLAMP. (See also xxxHOLiC.)

There’s more than one reason to reprint the series, though — the followup, Drug & Drop, will be coming from Dark Horse in January. This ongoing manga series is promised to contain “many crossover references to the CLAMP universe”, which fans should enjoy.

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