Lumberjanes #8

Lumberjanes #8 cover

The first storyline (the series will continue past this) of Lumberjanes, written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis and illustrated by Brooke Allen, concludes with the gal-pal campers saving the world from a remarkably authentic adolescent Artemis. She’s selfish and distractible and manipulated and focused only on getting the better of her brother. Unfortunately, her self-centeredness has resulted in grim consequences for one of the scouts, but the power of friendship will win through once again, as it has since issue #1.

The diversely inspired, thick-line art style of the book is really growing on me. It feels handmade and enthusiastic and inspiring and energetic and well-meaning, much like the characters. I wouldn’t have expected blending camp tales with remade mythology to work so well, but it’s very much in keeping with today’s remix culture.

Lumberjanes #8 cover

Lumberjanes is to today what the Dark Knight Returns was to another generation — a book that’s bringing in a whole new audience, an outreach book to a group that can love comics, once comics exist for them. Then it was older readers, those looking for mature content; now, it’s young women interested in active adventures, not appearances. It’s great to see a group of female lead characters (still rare in comics). Being a gang, they’re allowed to have different personalities and interests, instead of just being The Girl.

I’m also glad counselor Jen is getting more screen time. And I love the sense of humor in this title, from her facing down the goddess wannabe to the wishes granted from ultimate power. (Hint: One involves kittens.) Now that the major storyline is done, I’m curious to see where the series goes from here. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)


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