Girls With Slingshots Volume 8

Girls With Slingshots Volume 8

It’s pretty impressive that the webcomic Girls With Slingshots is celebrating its tenth anniversary with its eighth book collection, reprinting 200 strips in color. The volume is only available from TopatoCo right now (or at next summer’s conventions, I’m sure). I explained the series premise when I reviewed the first four books four years ago. In short, it’s a slice-of-life gag strip with soap opera overtones.

Even though I read the series daily, it’s a lot of fun sitting down with a new volume. For one thing, I’ve forgotten the storylines of two years ago, such as the one the book starts with. Hazel and Zach are on the outs because he wants to commit and she doesn’t want to grow up. It’s a shame to see a good couple go bad, but it’s well-told and understandable, if heart-breaking. On the more positive side, we also get to see Thea and Mimi decide to get married and some goldfish shenanigans.

The cast is large enough that I can’t keep everyone in my memory, so it’s like re-meeting old friends when I read about them again. I particularly miss Tucker and Fiona, who have some great introductions and interactions here. They’re also the subjects of the “how to draw” bonus pages.

Girls With Slingshots Volume 8

Author Danielle Corsetto does a wonderful job with expression, which keeps her characters sympathetic, even when they’re doing things outside my norm. Jamie’s complicated love life comes to mind, although anyone can relate to the desire to feel loved and satisfied.

The back pages also include some information on Danielle’s summer cross-county road trip. I hope the next book doesn’t take two more years to appear, because I like spending time with this ever-growing group of friends.

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