How’s the Digital Manga Tezuka Kickstarter Doing?

Ludwig B Kickstarter

I was curious to know how the smaller, more affordable Kickstarter launched by Digital Manga at the end of last month to publish Ludwig B was doing, since they picked a rotten time of year to ask for money (although licensing needs and the desire to stay in people’s minds may have been factors in wanting to get back out there quickly).

Currently, with a little over half way done, they’ve reached a bit over half their goal (55%). But after the first couple of days, Kicktraq shows that pledges have dropped dramatically.

Ludwig B daily Kickstarter pledges

However, that site is also predicting, at the time of this writing. that the goal will be met. Many projects follow a similar U-shaped curve, with the most activity near launch and just before completion, but the problem here is that Digital Manga scheduled their project to end on December 26, so I suspect not a lot of people are going to be online in the last few days.

I suggest Digital Manga do more updating — there’s been only one update, a survey link posted last week — and work harder to get people talking on social media. If more people knew that these books are likely to NOT be easily available once the Kickstarter is done, their rates might go up. I’ll do more reporting as we get closer to the end, in two weeks.

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