Disney and Turner Classic Movies Team Up

Great Movie Ride presented by TCM

There are a couple of things in this new Disney/Turner deal that I like the sound of.

Disney is revamping its Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World with the help of Turner Classic Movies, which will get “Presented by” credits at the attraction.

Great Movie Ride presented by TCM

TCM will periodically (four-five times a year) air a programming block called “Treasures From the Disney Vault” that will feature “vintage movies, cartoons, documentaries, and episodes of TV series like Disneyland and Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color”. Exciting! The first block airs the evening of December 21, with some classic Mickey Mouse and Chip and Dale cartoons; the pilot of Wonderful World of Color, featuring a preview of the upcoming Disneyland park; The Reluctant Dragon, a 1941 movie about how Disney Studios created their cartoons; and more.

The ride changes are due to debut in the first quarter of 2015. The introductory film and the ride finale clips will be updated (and good thing, since they’re long overdue), as well as adding footage of Robert Osborne, the voice and best-known host of TCM.

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