Happy Anniversary to Comics Worth Reading

Celebrating 15 years

I bought the ComicsWorthReading.com domain on December 23, 1999, as a present for myself. That means that this year, it will have been operating for 15 years. The internet, particularly blogging, has changed a lot in that time, and so has this site, going from static pages to WordPress and from reference pages about comic series to a blog covering more topics, including related movies and books.

The modern gift category for the 15th anniversary is Watches, and I’m certainly thinking about time passing. (The traditional gift is Crystal, but I can’t tie that in.) When I started, I’d never read manga, and you could (barely) still read all the “good comics” in a month. The bookstore market for graphic novels hadn’t taken off, and book publishers hadn’t discovered graphic memoir. And the big American superhero publishers were still run out of New York City. Times have changed, and while these days, I never have enough time to keep this site updated or cover all the Comics Worth Reading I hear about, I’m still interested in writing if you’re still interested in reading. Thanks to all my readers, you few who remain. I couldn’t do it without you.

Celebrating 15 years

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