Viking Manga Vinland Saga Put on Hiatus

I am sorry to hear this, because I very much enjoy reading Vinland Saga by Makoto Yukimura.

Vinland Saga Volume 1 cover

It’s a beautifully illustrated, historical Viking story involving fierce warriors and family legacies and brave women holding down the homefront. The series was being released in hardcover omnibus editions, each containing the equivalent of two paperback volumes, so each one was a lot of reading to descend into.

That may be part of the problem — I’m three volumes behind (there are five out so far) because it takes time and commitment to enjoy the series, being transported to another time and land. I should have been talking about it more, and more consistently.

Anime News Network heard from the publisher, Kodansha Comics, that the release of volume 6 has been “temporarily suspended”, with Amazon showing a June 2017 release date. Let’s hope that more people discover the series in the meantime and raise demand for it.

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