Signed Nelson Special Edition Something to Covet

Nelson Special Edition

Three years ago, I enjoyed reading Nelson, a multi-creator anthology from British publisher Blank Slate Books with a huge range of talented names contributing. It’s a terrific exploration of one woman’s life, cultural changes to the country, and a variety of art styles.

Now, the publisher has announced a special edition. That post has the full history of how it came about, but the short version is: New cover by Frank Quitely. Signed by all the creators (two by reprint). Slipcased hardcover edition. Only 70 copies.

Nelson Special Edition

Boy, I want one, but at 75 British pounds (which works out to about $116 US) and having it shipped (which risks damage and costs an additional 6 pounds), I think I’ll have to admire it from afar. Regardless, it was neat reading about how hard they worked to design it and put it together.

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