Danielle Corsetto Planning to End Girls With Slingshots

After successfully completing over 2000 strips, eight books, and a cross-country road trip during the past ten years, Danielle Corsetto has announced that Girls With Slingshots will be ending “in the next couple of months”. And of course, the announcement was a comic strip.

Girls With Slingshots Farewell Announcement

She’s taking an educational sabbatical for a while. At the site, older strips will rerun with new color and commentary. She plans to bring back the strip and its characters in some undetermined form at some later date, but for now, like many webcartoonists, she’s being honest with her audience and sharing her changes with them.

She currently is running a Patreon with over $1700 a month in pledges, which is a pretty good nut to live on, but I’m curious to see how/if that changes without the regular weekdaily strip. Ten years is quite a run — congratulations to her! — and it’s no surprise that a creator might want to do something else for a while to stay fresh and build skills.

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