Happy Marriage?! Volume 9

Happy Marriage?! volume 9

Chiwa has been attacked recently by someone unknown. It could be someone from her husband’s family company who wants to get rid of him and take control. It could be his ex-girlfriend, president of a rival company. Either way, it provides some important drama to give this series by Maki Enjoji, which has been spinning wheels for a while, a jump start. It also shows how Chiwa is different from his previous entanglements — Hokuto cares about what happens to her. He’s not able to let her go and focus on his work.

The next chapter of volume 9 is a charming holiday story, with the couple temporarily saddled with taking care of a little boy on a Christmas cruise. It provides an entertaining potential look into the future by seeing how they’d interact as a family, complete with selfish kid who inadvertently resembles Hokuto. The following chapter tackles family in the opposite direction, as Hokuto gets news that his father has taken a turn for the worse in the hospital.

Happy Marriage?! volume 9

Unfortunately, that inserts yet another secret between the couple, as the question of who killed Hokuto’s mother once again comes to the forefront. That gives Chiwa plenty of excuse for worried monologues wondering what she should do to protect him. “Talk to him” never seems to come to the top of the list, unfortunately. The volume ends on a cliffhanger that should drive more conversation in the next book, since another life is threatened.

Whenever I finish a volume, I wonder to myself why I keep reading. The answer is that there’s a comfort in formula. I know Chiwa and Hokuto’s relationship is immature, and I want to see them grow closer together. Plus, the next book is the last, so maybe the questions and mysteries will finally be answered. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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