Big Hero 6 Out on DVD, Digital in February

Big Hero 6

I’ve been meaning to see Big Hero 6 since it was released in November, but the holidays aren’t a great time for me to go see a movie. Instead, I was preparing for celebrations and spending time with family (and traveling). I know theater owners don’t want to hear this, but now that they’ve announced the film will be out on home video next month, I’ll just wait. Especially since I can (with Amazon discount) preorder the Blu-ray for the same amount I’d spend on tickets for two adults, and the snacks are much cheaper in my home theater.

Big Hero 6

I don’t mind buying the movie without seeing it first, since I’ve enjoyed the two previous releases from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph. Typical these days, the film will be available digitally on February 3, with the Blu-ray combo pack (or single-disc DVD) coming out on February 24.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the robot Baymax (voiced by Scott Adsit), since I find him adorable and I’ve heard good things about his portrayal. I like the design being the opposite of the usual gears and hard angles style tech. I’m also curious to know more about the team — robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, adrenaline junkie Go Go Tomago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon, and fanboy Fred.

Baymax hugs Hiro from Big Hero 6

I’m disappointed to see that Disney has decided to split the extras between the Blu-ray and their Disney Movies Anywhere site. If I buy the Blu-ray, I expect it to be complete. Both sources will include these extras:

  • Theatrical short “Feast”
  • “The Origin Story of Big Hero 6: Hiro’s Journey” (hosted by Jamie Chung, voice of Go Go Tomago) — Join the team behind the team that brought Big Hero 6 to the big screen as they travel on research trips to Tokyo and San Francisco and go behind the scenes of this epic film. Explore everything comic-book about Big Hero 6, from director Don Hall’s passion for comics to the story’s roots in a lesser-known Marvel property. We’ll talk to Marvel’s Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb, who were consultants on the film, to learn what makes a good comic-book story, and how these devices were used to help create Disney’s Big Hero 6.
  • “Big Animator 6: The Characters Behind the Characters” — Join the six lead animators of Big Hero 6 as they talk about each of the characters and how they came to be the heroes they are now.
  • Deleted Scenes (intro by Directors Don Hall & Chris Williams) — Includes two alternate openings and more.

Only on the Blu-ray will be “Big Hero Secrets (Easter Egg) — The movie is filled with Easter Eggs, and this Buzzfeed-type list piece will give you a sampling of some of the hidden treasures in the film. See if you can find this Easter Egg about Easter Eggs!”

Only on Disney Movies Anywhere will be these two pieces:

“Gag Animations (intro by Directors Don Hall & Chris Williams) — For fun, animators made alternate versions of scenes they were working on and threw them into the mix at review sessions. The directors will present some of these gags for the first time to the public in this piece.”

“Beatmax — Check out some of Baymax’s greatest lines auto-tuned like you’ve never heard before.”

The DVD will only have “Feast”, “Big Animator 6”, and the Big Hero 6 theatrical teaser.

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