Would You Wear a Bombshells Robe?

Wonder Woman Red Robe

Diamond Comic Distributors would like you to know that there’s still time to order DC Comics Bombshell robes, as shown in the January Previews catalog. Images and codes are below, to use at your local comic shop, where the robes are exclusively available. They’ll be shipping in mid-February (but too late for Valentine’s Day).

“The satin robes feature some of the leading ladies of DC Comics such as Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, and more in a collection of colors representing each character.” The imagery comes from the faux-40s art by Ant Lucia originally used as comic variant covers last June. Each robe is $48 and comes in either Small/Medium or Large/X-Large.

I think it’s a neat idea to have some women-centered merchandise, but I suspect these are most likely to wind up as gifts from fanboy to girlfriend (or fangirl to girlfriend, for that matter). I like the Wonder Woman best because of the starred trim.

  • Wonder Woman Red Robe Small/Medium (JAN15 2069)
  • Wonder Woman Red Robe Large/Extra Large (JAN15 2070)
  • Poison Ivy Green Robe Small/Medium (JAN15 2071)
  • Poison Ivy Green Robe Large/Extra Large (JAN15 2072)
  • Catwoman Black Robe Small/Medium (JAN15 2073)
  • Catwoman Black Robe Large/ Extra Large (JAN15 2074)
  • Blue Supergirl Robe Small/Medium (JAN15 2075)
  • Blue Supergirl Robe Large/ Extra Large (JAN15 2076)
  • Purple Batgirl Robe Small/Medium (JAN15 2077)
  • Purple Batgirl Robe Large/ Extra Large (JAN15 2078)

Wonder Woman Red RobePoison Ivy Green RobeCatwoman Black RobeBlue Supergirl RobePurple Batgirl Robe

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