Catching Up With The Double Life of Miranda Turner

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #4 cover

Last year, I told you about The Double Life of Miranda Turner, a digital comic by Jamie S. Rich and George Kambadais about a young superhero mentored by her dead sister who formerly had the role. Although the premise sounds angsty, it mostly ignores that in favor of a good amount of comedy and action, driven by creative ideas for villains for Miranda, as the Cat, to battle.

Two issues, #4 and #5, came out this past winter, with #6 due out March 4. (It’s available to pre-order now.)

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #4 cover

For those interested in more about the background of the two young women, issue #4 is for you. It’s a flashback to what happened to Lindy just before her death, as a way to further explore who might have been responsible.

The dialogue is packed with both information and entertainment, as we see the sisters depend on each other through revisiting a traumatic event. Kambadais’s art is capable of wide-ranging images, from hand-to-hand combat to celebrity fundraisers to fantastic superpowers. I was surprised at how mediocre Lindy’s death turned out to be, an ambush instead of taking place in a classic battle with a villain, but that’s a great example of the down-to-earth feel that makes the series appealing.

Issue #5 continues exploring Lindy’s history, as we meet her friend and former co-worker, Portal, another member of the Alphabet Guild coterie of superheroes, as the creators expand their universe. That’s her on the cover, with an impressively visual (and powerful) ability.

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #5 cover

The forthcoming issue #6, out next month, goes even further into history, as Portal shares news of her grandfather, also a hero, and how he fought in Vietnam, before they head out to battle the former Cat’s nemesis. This sets up for a grand showdown — but that’s coming in issue #7.

Since the series follows the Monkeybrain Comics model of 16 pages or so for 99 cents, it’s admirable how much Rich and Kambadais pack into each issue. The first arc is planned to be nine issues, so we’re in the last stretch, where everything starts coming together. (The creator provided review copies.)

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