Oni Press Bringing Ben Towle’s Oyster War to Print

Oyster War cover

Excited to hear that a great publisher is teaming up with a great creator! Ben Towle (Midnight Sun) will be publishing his completed webcomic Oyster War through Oni Press on September 23 (so it can debut at this year’s Small Press Expo). Preorders are now available.

It’s the story of Commander Davidson Bulloch and his motley crew, who set out to capture the oyster pirates who are jeopardizing the economy of Blood’s Haven, town of oyster farmers. However, “Treacher Fink, the pirates’ leader, possesses a magical artifact that can call forth a legendary spirit with the power to control the sea and everything in it!” Towle has done several historical tales before, but adding in the magical elements and fantastic creatures makes this a different kind of adventure story. Says Towle,

“I started work on Oyster War five years ago with a very specific vision. I’d done several historical fiction books previously, and now I wanted to jump squarely into the realm of the fantastic. Oyster War is a nautical adventure story set in a not-quite-real late 19th century US that’s full of pirates, brawlers, sea serpents, and shape-shifters. It’s far and away my favorite work to date. I couldn’t be happier with the way Oni’s bringing the Oyster War print collection to life. Presentation was always in the back of my mind as I worked on the story. From the get-go I conceived of Oyster War as a big, hardcover, European album-sized book with high-end production values — and that’s exactly what’s going to wind up in readers’ hands!”

Oyster War cover

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