Brad Abraham Announces Future Plans for Mixtape

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In a catch-up post, writer Brad Abraham includes the following news of his indy comic series Mixtape.

The ink is dry and I can finally announce Mixtape will be returning to comic book stores later this year. I just signed a deal with the brand new Space Goat Productions to publish it exclusively. The caveats: we’re reprinting Vol 1. (so Mixtape 1-5) and publishing it bi-monthly starting in September 2015.

Existing fans will have to wait until the summer of 2016, given current plans, to see how the series continues, but it’s necessary to get the book back into comic shops. Abraham points out that the series hasn’t been there since 2012, due to problems with the previous publisher and him taking the issues to self-publishing and print-on-demand.

That outlet will close, but the comics will also be available digitally through comiXology. As he says, “With the support of a comic book publisher with a solid marketing and sales plan in place, the job of getting Mixtape out wide becomes much, much easier.” Here’s hoping the series finds the wider audience it deserves.

Update: The official Space Goat announcement also has an eight-page preview of the first issue.

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