An Unusual Convention Encounter Comic

At the con by Matthew Southworth

Plenty of people have made comics about getting grumpy behind their convention table, due to the stress of attending a show and working in the industry, but Matthew Southworth’s piece at The Stranger has an unusual twist that winds up being a great reminder of why artists do it. We could all use a reminder of that young enthusiasm. Plus, I love the elegant way the coloring keeps the reader aware of the distinctions.


  • Wonderful piece! The coloring is really standout!

  • Phillip Temple

    Very well done!
    At the very risk of sounding like a constipated snot, however,
    the old pro’s point still stands – you still gotta pay the bills,
    and many times, working in comics simply wont allow you to do
    that – it will break your heart and steal your wallet.

    ..sigh…and yet, we still do it. I’m such a fool….. . .;-)

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