Lumberjanes #13

Lumberjanes #13 cover

Late to the Lumberjanes bandwagon? Don’t worry, this new starting point is perfect for you.

Brooke Allen, the artist on the first series issues, returns for a kind of origin issue. Noelle Stevenson and Shannon Watters have written a story where we get to see the first day of camp for the girls and how they all met.

Lumberjanes #13 cover

It’s fascinating to find out more about the background of each scout. Jo’s well-to-do fathers are pushing her to live up to her potential, but she wants a summer first of normal fun. Ripley comes from a family of like a dozen people. April is cool and competent, a good problem solver. Mal’s family doesn’t pay much attention, which has given her a lot of self-reliance, and Molly is good at making friends quickly.

Lumberjanes #13 is a terrific introduction to the characters and series with lots of adventure and humor. I feel like I know a lot more about the cast, but I want to know still more. I guess that means I should keep reading the series.

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