Jason Thompson Launches Manga Drawing Game Kickstarter

Mangaka game art

Jason Thompson, author of Manga: The Complete Guide, has a new project. He’s put together a Kickstarter for Mangaka, which he describes as “the fast and furious game of drawing comics”. Currently, he’s about halfway to his goal of producing the first print run.

I don’t know a lot about game Kickstarters, so I don’t know if $40-50 (depending on how early you pledge) is a typical price point or not, but the concept sounds fun. It’s like Pictionary, but it’s a card game for 1-8 players where you have to illustrate manga themes and keep up with the art trends you draw from the deck. They’ve been playtesting it at conventions and libraries for the last four years.

Mangaka game art

You don’t have to have a lot of drawing skill, just the ability to execute the random subject of your manga in the time allotted. He says, “When the final round ends, every player has a comic of their own creation… but only the person with the most fame tokens earns the coveted title of Mangaka!” You can see some sample comics produced playing the game at the project website.

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