Beaton Has Two New Books This Year

Step Aside, Pops cover

Kate Beaton, acclaimed cartoonist who portrays history and literature with welcome sarcasm and lack of pretension, has two new books coming this fall.

Step Aside, Pops cover

Step Aside, Pops from Drawn & Quarterly is a followup to Hark! A Vagrant, with similar strips and topics. It’s due in September. You can get a sampling in the Drawn & Quarterly Free Comic Book Day 2015 book, with a neat range of subjects.

The Princess and the Pony cover

The Princess and the Pony is more of a departure. Beaton puts her fat pony character into a storybook aimed at 4- to 8-year-olds. The tale seems to be about learning to value friendship over appearance, and it’s due at the end of June from Arthur A. Levine Books.

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