DC Bombshells Become Comic

DC Comics Bombshells cover

Where do comic concepts come from? Sometimes, it’s a cool piece of art that inspires people to want to see more. Take, for example, the DC Bombshells. Originally a set of variant covers by Ant Lucia featuring the female heroes in 40s inspired costumes and poses, they then became a merchandise line, including statues, mugs, posters, blankets, and playing cards.

Finally, now they’re going to star in a comic book! DC Comics Bombshells is a digital-first comic available through ComiXology in July, with a print collection coming August 12. It’s written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Marguerite Sauvage. Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl star in an alternate-reality story with “super-powered female heroes on the front lines in WWII!” I hope there’s enough substantial story to compensate for the many many character introductions I know are coming in that series.

DC Comics Bombshells cover

That print version will be accompanied by another variant cover round. In August, 21 variant covers will include the men this time. Check out Aquaman:

Aquaman #43 bombshells variant cover

I found the Grayson cover disappointing, because I didn’t think it captured either the potential of the period or the sexiness of the character.

Grayson #11 bombshells variant cover

Many of the male characters aren’t presented in the same sexy-teasing way as the women, and most of the male-focused titles are featuring related female characters, such as Black Canary covering Green Arrow.

Green Arrow #43 bombshells variant cover

Gotta love Sinestro’s zoot suit! (Why do Sinestro and Deathstroke have titles? I haven’t been paying attention to DC’s lineup recently.)

Sinestro #14 bombshells variant cover

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