Lumberjanes #14

Lumberjanes #14 cover

The more I read Lumberjanes, the more it grows on me. I’ve liked the concept — of a group of unique girls depending on each other — since the beginning, but some of the plots didn’t keep my interest as much as I hoped. However, now that the series is a bit more established, they’re beginning to explain more of the background, and that I’m really interested in.

Lumberjanes #14 cover

Take this issue. Written by Noelle Stevenson and Shannon Watters and illustrated by Brooke Allen, it starts out by establishing what Jen brings to the group: actual wilderness knowledge. For all their enthusiasm, the five scout girls have a lot to learn about sensible survival. You can see what I mean in the preview pages below.

That becomes important when a freak snowstorm separates the group. Rosie, camp leader, springs into action, riding a giant moose, while a figure from her past demonstrates a few of her creepy hobbies. Finding out more about the past, which I’m assuming includes how the camp was established, is something I’m looking forward to.

Plus, we get to see more of the boy scouts and their kittens. With everyone in sweaters. I even really like the cover, mimicking a totem pole in crazy fashion.

Lumberjanes #14 page 3Lumberjanes #14 page 4Lumberjanes #14 page 5

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