Warner Relaunches Kids’ Animation Show Websites

DCKids.com screenshot

Warner Bros. Consumer Products, in conjunction with DC Entertainment, announced that they have relaunched three websites aimed at kids 4-11. They want ScoobyDoo.com, LooneyTunes.com, and DCKids.com to “offer exciting content to kids any time they want in the format they have grown to expect in today’s digital environment”. They’re “entertainment destinations” with “a dynamic immersive experience, featuring original new content.”

In real-world talk, all three sites have similar layouts featuring cartoons, online-readable comics, games, character pages, wallpaper images, and downloadable coloring pages. There’s a lot of flashy interface on top of it all, but the content reminds me of the same stuff we offered at DC’s AOL site almost 20 years ago. Still, there’s only so much you can do and keep material kid-safe. New, though, is the emphasis on access through multiple digital platforms — which means the sites are geared to work on tablets as well as desktops, although the experience isn’t speedy.

The press release just made me feel old, since it was full of buzzword-stuffed lines like “will allow kids to experience immersive worlds 24/7 and connect with Warner Bros.’ beloved franchise animation characters and the famed universe of DC Comics.” Said Amit Desai, SVP Marketing and Global Franchise Management, DC Entertainment, “We know kids have an affinity for our characters, and that interacting with DC Super Heroes can be inspirational and a powerful source of imagination and play.” Yeah, you’re right — now make comics that fit that message! For boys AND girls!

DCKids.com screenshotLooneyTunes.com screenshotScoobyDoo.com screenshot

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