The Perhapanauts Return Via Kickstarter

Pernhapanauts: Into Hollow Earth retail cover

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed reading the Perhapanauts. The series, written by Todd Dezago and illustrated by Craig Rousseau, has had a few publishers and stops and starts over the years (as can happen with an independent adventure series). It’s about a team investigating weird monsters who are themselves odd creatures — a sasquatch, a ghost, a telepath, and more. (Find out more about the characters at the official website.) Here’s the bibliography as far as I know, in case you want to read the whole thing:

Perhapanauts Kickstarter promo

This is all available digitally via ComiXology as well.

Now, the series is coming back via Kickstarter. The campaign has been up for a week, and it’s already over 60% funded. The main reason for the effort is to publish The Perhapanauts: Into Hollow Earth, an original hardcover graphic novel. It’s a stand-alone story, so it should be fine for new readers. If you want to get the previous stories, there’s also a pledge level that includes all the books (at a reasonable price). Shipping is kind of high, but the print purchases also include a PDF copy.

Here’s the Kickstarter exclusive cover:

Pernhapanauts: Into Hollow Earth Kickstarter exclusive cover

And the eventual retail version cover:

Pernhapanauts: Into Hollow Earth retail cover

Even if you’re not interested in pledging, if you like cryptozoology, you should visit the campaign page, because the promo video is hosted by a puppet of Choopie, the chupacabra character who’s part of the team.


  • Oh, I’m definitely looking forward to this! Making a note to back this when I have a chance to look through the levels…

    And I think I’ll have to pick up Treasure Obscura. It looks like there are some stories in there that I missed the first time around.

  • Writing about this made me realize I really need to figure out how much of it I already have. :)

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