Hawaiian Dick to Return: When and How

Aloha, Hawaiian Dick #1 cover

Hawaiian Dick was a fun and gorgeous retro private eye series set in 1950s Hawaii that I was reminded of when I saw the recent movie Aloha, which is similarly a love letter to the islands. Last decade, there were two collections of the comic released — Byrd of Paradise and The Last Resort — as well as a five-issue miniseries, Screaming Black Thunder, that hasn’t yet made it to book format.

But more will be coming! A quick conversation with writer B. Clay Moore revealed that his plans are for a Kickstarter later this year to be titled Great Big Hawaiian Dick. That 72-page one-shot will feature unpublished work and a couple of new stories with the characters.

Aloha, Hawaiian Dick #1 cover

That one-shot will be collected with Screaming Black Thunder into the third trade, likely next year. The most exciting news for fans was that, come January, Image will launch Aloha, Hawaiian Dick, a new five-issue miniseries drawn by Jacob Wyatt. (The cover, shown here, is by Sean Dove.)

Great Big Hawaiian Dick will also feature an Aloha preview, as well as story work by Ramon Perez, Jason Armstrong, Nelson Blake II, and Dev Madan and pieces from Darwyn Cooke, Jason Latour, and others.

To start the weekend, here’s an Aloha, Hawaiian Dick preview page by Jacob Wyatt.

Aloha, Hawaiian Dick preview page

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