Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #11

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #11 cover

I know big, galaxy-risking, four-part stories are seen as more important, but it’s the one-off, quieter, more personal scenes that I really like in this series. I shouldn’t be too complacent, though, since those openings are often just the first part of another big adventure.

In this issue written by Nick Abadzis and illustrated by Elena Casagrande, Gabby and the Doctor are back in New York City, but Gabby’s friend Cindy is mad that she’s dropped out of touch. While she sets off to repair the relationship, the Doctor crashes an auction of alien technology. There’s a particular object he’s concerned about others getting their hands on.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #11 cover

Gabby’s talk with Cindy allows for a reminder of how others would likely see the idea of jaunting off through time and space with a crazy English guy. Meanwhile, the Doctor has teamed up with a bad-ass dreadlocked artifact retriever named Cleo who’s fond of the double-cross. I like her, even if she’s causing a lot of trouble.

The dialogue is a high point this issue, since much of the plot is setup for following installments, but the cliffhanger is an “only in comics” dynamite reveal (because doing it elsewhere would require too much cooperation from other actors). And the story does involve an intriguing use of time, making it a great choice for this particular hero.

Here are three preview pages from early in the issue:

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #11 preview pageDoctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #11 preview pageDoctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #11 preview page

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