Scooby-Doo Returns With New Series on Boomerang

Scooby-Doo Be Cool!

Last year, the cable channel Boomerang, which previously aired classic cartoons, announced plans for original content. Now, more detail is available on the nature of that content.

Unsurprisingly, the characters are familiar. There’s a new 22-minute series, Be Cool Scooby-Doo!, promising “a modern comedic twist on the beloved classic. This time, the gang is working as hard to solve their own personal problems as they are to solve the endless, mind-bending mysteries that await them.” So, more interpersonal drama, and as shown here, a new, modernized look for the characters.

Be Cool Scooby-Doo!

Also coming will be Bunnicula, based on the children’s book about a vampire rabbit, and Wabbit – A Looney Tunes Production, with new Bugs Bunny shorts that will feature “classic characters like Yosemite Sam and Wile E. Coyote, along with brand new foes.”


As part of this deal with Warner Bros. Animation, Boomerang will continue to have access to their “classic animation portfolio” of “3,500 titles”, including works from Cartoon Network Studios.


  • Ed Sizemore

    Can’t say I like the new Scooby Doo designs, hope the writing is better. Bunnicula looks nice.

  • James Schee

    I’m ok with all the Scooby designs except Velma. Why make her so skinny?

    I LOVE the James Howell Bunnicula kids novels, I reread them at least once every two years. So I’m very excited to see a cartoon series with it!

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