Starfire #1

Starfire #1

I’ve been trying a number of the new DC #1s, particularly the ones promising something other than the usual legacy white male hero, but I’ve found some of them unsatisfying. Too many of them are prologue, trying to establish a setup but not giving an accurate taste of what the actual series will be about. Not every #1 has to be an origin issue (or, like Prez, the first half of an origin). A #1 should make me want to come back for more by showing me what the actual series will be like.

That’s why I liked Starfire. It jumps right into its “fish out of water” premise, as the alien princess Kori wants to find a job and a place to live, helped by Sheriff Stella Gomez. I thought the story started somewhat abruptly, until I found out (thanks, Panels) that there was an 8-page digital prologue that establishes Starfire moving to Key West. (The existence of the lead-in should have been mentioned in the comic. However, the sneak peek features a whole bunch of characters — I’m presuming they’re the Outlaws from her former title — I don’t know, so maybe better not to confuse the new readers too quickly.)

Starfire #1

Starfire is written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, drawn by Emanuela Lupacchino, and inked by Ray McCarthy. This isn’t the first time Conner and Palmiotti have done this premise; Terra, created in 2007, allowed for a similar take as an alien learning about earth with humor along the way. But since I liked it then, I like it now.

Treating the “big orange Supergirl”, as Gomez tags her, light-heartedly and with a sense of fun helps in lot in redeeming the character from what others have made her in the past (in short, a fantasy pin-up). Her innocence, particularly when it comes to sarcasm and figures of speech, makes for old-fashioned but entertaining humor. I especially like her illustrated thought balloons.

The premise, that Kori is tired of the “superhero game”, matches my feelings, so it’s a pleasure to see her get to use her powers in non-traditional ways — defending herself, getting a better view for the sunset, or rescuing a pet. More is promised, since as happens in Florida, there’s a big storm coming. I’ll be back next issue to see how she handles it. I like this humorous take on a superhero trying to build a life for herself that suits her personality.


  • This is one of just two “DC You” #1s that I picked up (interestingly enough, the other one is Prez). I’m still on the fence, but it was a fun read, and I’m definitely picking up the second issue to see how it goes. I particularly liked the way they tried to meld the comic and animated versions of her personality into someone who would be recognized by fans of either medium.

    I also wondered about the abruptness of the opening. I totally forgot about the prologue, so I’ll have to check that out when I have a chance.

  • That’s a great observation, that this take on the character is likely more welcoming to cartoon viewers.

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