Automan on DVD From Shout!

Automan and Walter

Probably the announcement out of the recent San Diego Con that most excited me is a very silly one: Shout! Factory will be bringing Automan to DVD! I have a huge fondness for that goofy show, as you can read in the link.

TVShowsonDVD (link no longer available) briefly referenced a tweet from the company that mentions “Manimal/Automan”, so I suspect a combo pack with that other highlight of cheesy 80s TV sci-fi. (I won’t mind seeing Simon MacCorkindale as a black panther again, either.) No information yet on release date or pricing or content, but since Shout! does wonderful packages for fans, I have high hopes for some retrospective extras. I know the star of Automan, Chuck Wagner, was occasionally talking about the show online a few years ago.

Update: The box sets are separate, at $26.99 list price each for Automan: The Complete Series and Manimal: The Complete Series. Both are due out on November 10.

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  • David Oakes

    Now I really wish I had remembered to drop by the SHOUT booth.

    (Really, you learn more from Twitter than you do being at the Con.)

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