Trouble With Comics Returns, and I Helped (a Tiny Bit)

Trouble With Comics logo

Alan David Doane has resurrected Trouble With Comics, a group-contribution comic website with reviews, commentary, and links. Here’s the core list of contributors. It’s kind of old-fashioned in that it’s all guys, but it’s also nostalgic, since these folks all worked together before Tumblr and Twitter took off. There’s a lot of knowledge and history in that group.

Trouble With Comics logo

I’ll be contributing, although on a very limited basis, since I’m still trying to get back into a working groove on THIS site. So far, I’m just participating in the weekly opinion question. The first one asks “What single comics creator has had the greatest influence over how you perceive the comics artform, and why?” Some obvious choices, but some surprising ones there too.

If you’d like to get a good idea of what the site aims to be, here’s a post summing up the first week.

Update: Doane has posted a call for additional contributors that addresses the diversity question head on.

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