Danger Mouse Returns!

Danger Mouse cartoon revamp

While reading this ICv2 article about an upcoming Danger Mouse movie, I was shocked to see the following:

A rebooted Danger Mouse TV cartoon series, with original creator [Brian] Cosgrove acting as a consultant and a voice cast that includes John Oliver, Lena Headey, and Kevin Eldon, debuted in England last month and will be available here from Netflix later this year.

I had no idea there was a currently running show! I may finally have to subscribe to Netflix when this airs in Spring 2016. I loved the original Danger Mouse and his assistant Penfold (a hamster who said “oooh, eck, chief!” and “crumbs!” a lot). I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone talking about this, since I thought there was quite the cult following for the cartoon spy parody. I do hope that a modern DM would have a few more roles for women — I know it’s not authentic to the genre, but the world isn’t quite so much a boys’ club any more. That Headey voices “Jeopardy Mouse” is a good sign.

Danger Mouse cartoon revamp

Danger Mouse is played by Alexander Armstrong (the voice of alien supercomputer Mr. Smith on The Sarah Jane Adventures) with Penfold voiced by Eldon. Stephen Fry is also on the show.

As for the movie, the news is basically that Sony Pictures Animation and StudioCanal are working on one. Except that story is unfounded and they may not be.


  • James Schee

    I got to see the first episode online somewhere. It was, to use the British phrase, BRILLIANT! I laughed so much, but action was really well done too. Oh and yes female characters get much better roles.

  • David Oakes

    This makes my inner Nickelodeon fan quite happy.

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