Constantine Appears on Arrow

Matt Ryan as John Constantine

I haven’t been watching the new season of Arrow so far, because I like thinking of him getting a temporary happy ending (as happened last year), and I’m not sure I’m ready to jump back into the drama and angst. There are four episodes so far in season 4, but the next episode, promoted in the clip below, may get me to catch up, since I’m eager to see it.

As you can see, it features the guest appearance of Matt Ryan as John Constantine, from the previously cancelled NBC show. (NBC is the only major network without a comic book show currently, I think, although they have the very similar Heroes Reborn, and they’re working on a Red adaptation.) He’s a terrific choice to bring back Canary, and his performance makes me wish I’d watched his show.

The Arrow episode “Haunted” airs Wednesday, November 4, on The CW.


  • David Oakes

    Everything about the show seemed not so subtly “off”.

    But damn if Ryan couldn’t sell the thing. If NBC had left it up on HULU, we would have watched the whole thing. (And I mean my kids as well. They loved the easter eggs like Nabu’s helmet, even if their only experience with the character was JLDark.)

  • Joel R

    I was a little disenchanted with Arrow season 3, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far this season. So far it (and Flash) have laid a lot of ground work for the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ show so it seems more focused and not so adrift. It so far at least feels more “Green Arrow-y” and less lets pretend were a Batman show, minus Batman…

  • That’s a good recommendation. Thanks for making me more eager to catch up now.

    David, I tried the first episode of Constantine and it was not good, but yeah, I’d watch it all now if it was available.

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