Is the Good Dinosaur a Bad Pixar Movie?

The Good Dinosaur

Pixar’s been on a roll for a long time, making some of the best ever animated films about meaningful subjects. Inside Out, newly out on home video, even managed to dramatize pre-adolescent emotions in an entertaining way.

However, their latest, The Good Dinosaur, in theaters now, may break their streak. Cars 2 was previously poorly reviewed, but The Good Dinosaur is the only one that sounds boring. It was delayed a year and a half from the original release date, which is rarely a good sign, but I had hopes that meant a better quality film. I hadn’t realized that they’d changed directors at that point, and most of the cast as well.

The Good Dinosaur

I’m not planning to see it, because it sounds like a movie for kids, without the kind of all ages appeal Pixar movies used to have. I’ve heard it’s visually beautiful, as expected, but the story sounds uninteresting. The Good Dinosaur is expected to come in below The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 at the box office. This is also the first time Pixar has released two films in one year, which may be too frequently.

Did you see the movie? Did you like it?

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