Princess Jellyfish Comes to Print in US

Princess Jellyfish

Princess Jellyfish has long been enjoyed by US fans as an anime series. They’re drawn to the story, about a girl geek living in a house full of women devoted to their hobbies, including a manga artist and a history buff.

The shy young lady loves watching jellyfish, and one night she meets a beautiful woman at the pet shop who’s a lot more than she seems. The growing friendship between the geek girls and the woman who chooses to be fashionable plays up the contrast in their lifestyles, choices, and options. The women take comfort in their obscure knowledge while avoiding the “normals”, the more typical females who fit better into society. The story is about acceptance, both from others and oneself.

Now Akiko Higashimura’s manga is coming from Kodansha Comics. It’s due out in February as a double-sized volume with color pages. It can be ordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code DEC15 1435. There’s 15 volumes so far of this josei manga in Japan, with at least the first 12 coming out here. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Princess Jellyfish

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