Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series

Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series

Review by KC Carlson

Now available from Warner Archive is Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series in a new three-disc Blu-ray set. All 39 episodes of all three seasons of Justice League Unlimited are included in this set. It also includes the episode commentaries (for “This Little Piggy” and “The Return”) and all of the special documentaries created for the original DVD collections, which include “And Justice For All” (9:11), “Cadmus Exposed” (23:24), and “Justice League Chronicles” (33:46).

Not included in this set are a couple of audio-only features — including musical themes and a music-only audio track for the episode “Destroyer” — that were on the original DVD collections. The documentary “Unlimited Reserve: Exploring the Depths of the DC Universe” remains exclusive to the Justice League: The Complete Series DVD tin set.

Also noted, for purchasers of past Justice League video collections, it appears that all of the episodes are in their correct order for this set and are also subtitled (English SDH).

Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series

As much as the original Justice League animated series was (and is) acclaimed, I was always a bigger fan of this follow-up/sequel series. For one thing, it moves much faster in its 30-minute episodes than the original hour-long stories. Plus, it has a much more diverse cast than the original series, which was pretty-much locked into the “big” seven core characters. More than thirty additional DC characters were added to the team in this series, plus at least as many additional DC characters guest-starred for an episode or two. Many of these included such cult favorites as Deadman, Mister Miracle and Big Barda, Plastic Man, Warlord, members of teams like the Justice Society, Suicide Squad, Challengers of the Unknown, Green Lantern Corps, and the Legion of Super-Heroes, DC Western characters and oddball folks like The Question and B’wana Beast. And Wonder Twins to boot! In fact, it was an amazing “pause” button show, in that you’ll be surprised at how many obscure DC characters were featured in the background of crowd scenes.

It was such a fun show in these seasons! There were often wall-to-wall superhero vs. super-villain battles. One of my favorite ongoing themes (which later continued into Batman: The Brave and the Bold) was that of the least-likely, underdog characters rising up to ultimately save the day.

If you are any kind of a DC fan, Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series is a no-brainer purchase. Most of these episodes are so good, you’ll re-watch them over and over again. (Warner Archive provided a review copy.)


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