iZombie Takes on the Superhero

Rose McIver in iZombie

I really like watching iZombie. The TV show combines an ongoing story (how does Liv learn to handle her transformed existence, now that she’s been infected, and should she tell her family and friends, some of whom are involved with those who want to exploit the condition for their own power?) with a weekly murder case, which Liv helps solve by eating the victim’s brains. That action gives her flashes of their memories — and Rose McIver, who plays Liv, the opportunity to act a different kind of personality. It was particularly funny when the normally low-key Liv recently became a status-seeking, glamour-dressing “real housewife” type.

Next week, on December 8, iZombie is airing its “mid-season finale” (which is now a thing, apparently, to announce “last new episode until January! (or later)”). In “Cape Town”, Liv and fellow medical examiner Ravi (Rahul Kohli) tackle superheroes when one of Seattle’s vigilante crime fighters gets killed. Here’s a preview. I can’t wait!

The victim, played by Jay Hindle, is named “Chris Allred” — which reminds me that the original iZombie comic series was written by Chris Roberson and drawn by Michael Allred. An homage, perhaps?

And doesn’t Liv look cute in a domino mask?

Rose McIver in iZombie

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  • David Oakes

    Rose McIver as a zombie in a domino mask validates all of Western Civilization.

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