Sponsored Video: Michael Uslan Talks Dark Villains

Michael Uslan has been involved with superhero movies, specifically Batman films, for a long while now. He’s been a producer from the 1989 Tim Burton Batman to the much-anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice due out next year. (They aren’t all as great, unfortunately. His credits also include Catwoman, The Spirit, and the Swamp Thing movies and TV show. His next project, funded by a Chinese media group, will bring the Thunder Agents, originally published by Tower Comics in the 1960s, to the screen.)

Anyway, Uslan knows and loves his heroes and villains. And here he’s been filmed briefly talking about them in light of the new LG OLED TV, which is promoting a set with deep blacks (they call it “perfect black”) and outstanding contrast, which allows for better presentation of color.

Batman’s the Dark Knight, get it? And in a film set at night, in a dark city, it’s important to be able to distinguish shades — if everything’s the same black, you can’t tell what’s going on, and then all that blockbuster money would have been wasted!

Superhero stories often use a lot of contrast, playing the antagonist off against the hero, just as LG is presenting their message of better black making for better contrast. Uslan makes a good point about the differences in black, from Darth Vader’s shiny tech to the classic Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz. Then (although he doesn’t mention this) there’s the stereotype of the evil, black-suited businessman in more modern-set stories. Maybe black is becoming cliche, but at least it’s better than the purple and green Lex Luthor used to wear!

This post was sponsored by LG, and I received compensation for posting it.

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