How Times Have Changed: The Graphic Novels Amazon Is Promoting

Amazon graphic novel email

It’s just past Christmas, so time to get people to spend those gift cards! Amazon sent out an email this morning promoting Graphic Novels, and I found their organizational system fascinating. There were six categories listed:

  • Media Tie-In Graphic Novels
  • Religion & Spirituality Graphic Novels
  • Educational & Nonfiction Graphic Novels
  • Contemporary Women Graphic Novels
  • Romance Graphic Novels
  • Literary Graphic Novels

All the superhero, zombie, or science fiction stories lumped into only one “tie-in” category! And that fourth category is a terrific thing to see.

Amazon graphic novel email

In case you’re curious about what each contains, here’s a sampling of the first few titles in each category.

Now, Amazon is VERY smart about data-mining, so they have probably realized that I don’t buy any Marvel books from them. In other words, I’m not sure how self-selected this is based on my past searches and other behavior. (Particularly since I already own four of the six items pictured.) But dang, it reminded me just how spoiled for choice we are these days. What a great time to be reading comics!

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  • David Oakes

    According to Amazon, “The 613” is more of an Art Book, illustrations of the 613 Mitzvot of the Jewish Bible. But hey, if Will Eisner can invent the Graphic Novel, then the definition can err on the side of the mensch.

    (On the other hand, Amazon’s auto-complete also offers “613 Blonde Human Hair Bundles”. Apparently they know I am reading Stephen King for the holidays…)

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