The Baker Street Peculiars: Exclusive Preview

The Baker Street Peculiars cover by Andy Hirsch

Coming out in March is a new miniseries written by the talented Roger Langridge (Abigail and the Snowman) that takes on a particular interest of mine: the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Illustrated by Andy Hirsch (Adventure Time), The Baker Street Peculiars has the premise that Holmes is a sham. (So not for those humorless Sherlockians!) He’s been written all this time by Mrs. Hudson, using the pen name of John Watson (because, of course, male writers are treated better — but that’s just my assumption). She enlists “a precocious bunch of young detectives in training” to help her solve a case that involves statues coming to life!

The Baker Street Peculiars cover by Andy Hirsch

The Baker Street Peculiars cover by Andy Hirsch

Having peeked at the first issue, I know that the story is full of adventure and humor, as I’d expect from Langridge. I’m not previously familiar with Hirsch’s work, but he does a terrific job with action and character expression. He is also great with the setting, providing the feel of 1933 London. The Peculiars are three brave kids — the posh boarding schoolboy Humphrey, whose language is hilarious; the smart Molly; and the fearless orphan pickpocket Rajani — accompanied, of course, by a dog. There’s also a plucky female reporter (is there any other kind?) I hope to see more of.

The first of the four issues can be ordered from your local comic shop right now with Diamond code JAN16 1196. It’s due out March 9. Here’s the incentive cover by Hannah Christenson, the first four pages, and an exclusive look at page 10, inked and colored, and its chase over the rooftops.

The Baker Street Peculiars cover by Hannah ChristensonThe Baker Street Peculiars page 1

The Baker Street Peculiars pages 2-3

The Baker Street Peculiars page 4The Baker Street Peculiars page 10 (inks)

The Baker Street Peculiars page 10 (colors)


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