Yotsuba&! to Return in May

Yotsuba&! volume 13

What exciting news! It’s been over two years since Yotsuba&! last appeared in English, with Yotsuba&! volume 12 released in November 2013. I adore these light-hearted stories by Kiyohiko Azuma about an unusual little girl, her father, and their friends. Yotsuba has her own view of the world, and her cheeriness, imagination, and openness to the new is refreshing and inspiring.

Yen Press has tweeted that volume 13 is now due out in May:

Here’s the publisher’s description:

Fresh off the excitement of her camping trip, Yotsuba initiates a very productive session of sandbox play in which she instructs Fuuka how to properly run a bakery. But even more exciting is a visit from Grandma! Yotsuba learns how to value and enjoy cleaning, how not to be rude when hoping for souvenirs, and most important, how to cope when Grandma leaves. But don’t worry, she’ll be back someday!

and the cover of the Japanese edition:

Yotsuba&! volume 13

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