Last Day for Discounted SuBLime Titles at Right Stuf

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In honor of the just-passed Valentine’s Day, yaoi publisher SuBLime has made its print titles 40% off at the web retailer Right Stuf. That means instead of the normal $12.99 price for the titles, they’re now $7.79. That’s today only, since the sale ran from February 12-17.

Here are a few SuBLime titles I’ve reviewed in the past, in descending order of how much I’d recommend them.


  • hapax

    FWIW, here are some more recommendations

    HIS FAVORITE is absolutely ridiculous, and borderline abusive (the only thing that keeps it “borderline” is the above ridiculosity) but it makes me crack up laughing every single volume.

    CRIMSON SPELL is absolutely ridiculous in a different way, *also* borderline abusive (the only thing that keeps it “borderline” is that the semme eventually ‘fesses up to taking advantage of the uke, the uke gets his anger taken seriously, and they actually start acting more or less like adults) and the art is just that stunning.

    FALSE MEMORIES isn’t abusive at all, but sweet and awkward and just, well … nice.

    Too bad that I’ve already bought everything that I wanted!

  • Thanks for suggesting some more titles!

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